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Use of Information / Exchange & Returns

Membership registration information

You sign up for membership by accepting the terms of use, privacy policy agreement, and registration items in the schedule form through the Member Registration menu. Our service can be used for free immediately after joining.

Membership benefits are that you do not have to enter various information again when placing an order. You can also participate in group purchases and auction events and you can participate in events for members only and various sales events.

Order procedure guide

A product order is made as follows:

- Step 1: Product Search
- Step 2: Add to cart
- Step 3: Member ID login or non-member order
- Step 4: Fill out the order form
- Step 5: Select payment method and make payment
- Step 6: Order success screen (order number)

For non-member orders, please make a note of the order number and approval number (when paying by credit card) in step 6. However, if you are a member, it is automatically saved, so you do not need to manage it separately.

Payment information

In the case of large payments, the credit card company may give you a confirmation call for safety. During the verification process, if it is determined that the order is not a normal order (for example the use of a stolen / blocked card or an order under someone else's name) the order may be arbitrarily suspended or canceled.

For deposit without bankbook, you can deposit the product purchase price directly through PC Banking, Internet Banking, Telebanking, or at a nearby bank.

The name of the depositor entered at the time of ordering must match the name of the actual depositor, and the deposit must be made within 7 days.

Shipping information

Shipping method: courier

Delivery area:  nationwide and to select international desitnations.

Shipping cost: (Domestic Orders)

Conditionally free: When the order amount is less than 30,000 won, we add 2,500 won for shipping.

Delivery period: 2 to 4 days

Shipping Instructions:

- In some cases, you may have to pay an additional amount for mountainous or island regions.

The product you ordered will be shipped after payment is confirmed. However, depending on the product type, product delivery may be slightly delayed.

International orders will be sent by Post Office airmail parcel or EMS courier at our sole discretion.

Exchange/Return Information

Exchange and return address:

- Room 501, 35-1, Cheonjung-ro 40-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Korea, Junno Design Co., Ltd.

Exchanges and returns are possible under the following conditions:

- Exchange/return is possible within 7 days from the date of receipt of the product, however, if the packaging has been opened or the product value has been diminished due to damage to the packaging.

- If the contents of the supplied goods and services are different from the displayed/advertised contents or are performed differently, within 3 months from the date of supply and within 30 days from the date of becoming aware of the fact

If exchange or return is not possible

- In case the product is lost or damaged due to the customer's responsibility,  except for cases where the packaging has been damaged in order to check the contents of the product.

- In case the product value is lost due to opening the packaging or damage to the packaging

- In case the value of the product has significantly decreased due to the customer's use or partial consumption.

- In case the value of the product has significantly decreased to the extent that resale is difficult due to the passage of time

- In case the packaging of products that can be reproduced is damaged

  (For more information, please use the e-mail on the contact us page)

※ If you change your mind and want to exchange or return the product, the cost of returning the product must be borne by the customer.

  (including color exchange, size exchange, etc.)

Refund information

In the case of refund, we will refund the payment amount within 3 business days after confirming the return confirmation.

If you paid with a credit card, we will cancel the credit card authorization so you won't be charged for the payment.

However, if the payment was made according to the credit card companay payment date, the credit card company will refund the next month's credit card payment.

Order cancellation immediately after payment is completed can be processed directly at "MY Page> Cancellation/Exchange/Return Request".

Please understand that orders may be canceled due to lack of stock after order completion.

Cancellation can be requested if the order status is in preparation for the product, and cancellation may not be possible depending on the seller's approval (if delivery has already been completed or packaging has been completed).

The exchange request is limited to the first one, and additional exchange requests cannot be made after the exchange delivery is complete.

Returns/exchanges must be made within 7 days of delivery for unused products only.

Arbitrary return is not possible, so be sure to contact us in advance and apply through the customer center or "MY Page> Order Cancellation/Exchange/Return Request".

In case of product defect or misdelivery, exchange/return is possible free of charge, but individual preference for monitor color difference, fit and size is not the reason for product defect.

If the product is damaged or changed due to customer negligence, return/exchange is not possible.

Cancellation/Return In case of delay in refund, the refund delay compensation process will be carried out in accordance with the Electronic Commerce Act.

Refusal of return/exchange policy

In case the product is used or damaged, a free gift is omitted, product tag, warranty card, and subsidiary materials are removed or lost;

In case the sealed package is opened or the inner packing material is damaged or lost (however, except for opening to check the product);

In case the value of the product has been lost to the extent that it is difficult to resell it;

If it is made to order according to the customer's request and it is difficult to use it other than the specific customer;

When the delivered product has been installed (home appliances, furniture, etc.);

In case of other reasons for withdrawal of subscription prescribed by the Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, etc.

For Other Order Information 

For other requests, please contact us through the KakaoTalk channel woodfood or by using the chatbot in the bottom right hand corner of this website.