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Product usage information

wood food waxes and oils are suitable for wood and bamboo items Use on unvarnished wood and bamboo cutting boards, furniture, wood flooring, children's toys, and more.

Made from 100% pure beeswax. Unlike many other waxes, wood food is manufactured using 100% natural beeswax as its primary raw material.

wood food is safe for children's toys. Wood food waxes and oils are certified free from VOC and heavy metals by the BOKEN testing laboratory in Japan*. Safe to use on food contact items and children's toys.

(*BOKEN Quality Assessment Service, 1-1-12 Mori, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 12135-0001)

Uses quality, natural ingredients. Wood food is made in Japan with the highest quality natural ingredients including 100% pure beeswax, certified organic coconut oil, Japanese cypress (hinoki) oil, food-safe mineral oil and other natural essential oils with antibacterial properties.

  Advantages of using wood food products

  • Water-repellent coating effect on the applied item
  • Prevent cracks and splits with regular application
  • keep surfaces hygienic
  • Beautiful and soft glossy effect
  • Ready to use immediately after application

more information

A. Safety

Safe for food contact items and children's toys

No heavy metals and VOCs

B. Size

Wax is available in 30ml aluminium tins,  180ml  PET jars and 200ml aluminium tins.

Oil is available in 300ml PET bottles

C. Area Coverage (single coat)*

  1. Wax )0.55cm² / gm (1 x 180ml bottle (160gm) will cover approximately 8.8m²
  2. Oil 0.04m2 / gm (1 x 300ml bottle (290gm) will cover approximately 10.5m²
  3. When applied after the first coat of wood food oil, the wax coverage increases by approximately 15%.
* Coverage depends on the type, dryness and condition of the surface being treated.

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