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Personal Information Handling Policy

Personal Information Handling Policy

According to the Personal Information Protection Act, Junno Design LLC (Korea) operating a website at “company” has the following processing policies to protect users personal information, protect their rights and interests, and to smoothly handle users grievances related to personal information.

Junno Design LLC (Korea) will notify you through website announcements (or individual announcements) when revising the personal information processing policy.

This policy will take effect on February 15, 2022.

The company complies with relevant laws and regulations that information and communication service providers must comply with, such as the Information and Communication Network Utilization Promotion and Information Protection Act and Personal Information Protection Act, and is doing its best to protect user rights.

This personal information processing policy applies to the use of services provided by the company and contains the following information:

  • Items and methods of collecting personal information.
  • Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information.
  • Consignment of personal information processing.
  • provision and use of personal information to third parties
  • Retention and use period of personal information.
  • Procedures and methods for destroying personal information.
  • Privacy of non-members.
  • Rights, obligations, and methods of exercise of information subjects.
  • Installation/Operation/Rejection of Automatic Personal Information Collection Devices.
  • Technical and administrative protection of personal information.
  • Personal Information Management Officer and Contact Person.
  • Collection of personal information-related opinions and handling of complaints.
  • Obligation to notify.
  • Changes in personal information processing policies.
  • Items of personal information to be collected and methods of collection
  • Items of personal information to be collected.

1) The company collects the following minimum personal information at the time of membership registration for the purpose of smooth customer counseling, handling civil complaints, providing various services, providing content, and delivering goods.

(a) Required items for membership registration:

ID, password, name, gender, date of birth, mobile number, e-mail

(b) Choice:  Address, profile picture

2) The following information may be automatically generated and collected in the course of using the service.

(a) IP address, cookies, date and time of visit, service usage records, defective usage records, etc.

(b) When using a mobile app: Mobile phone number and device information of the terminal (smartphone, tablet PC, etc.)

Participation in the event: Name, mobile number, e-mail, etc.

Consultation: Name, Mobile Number, Consultation Record.

3) The following payment information may be collected in the process of using the paid service.

(a) When paying by credit card: Payment information such as the users compnay name, personal name, date of birth, ID, password, address, phone number, email address, CVV number, card company name, card number, card expiration date, etc.

(b) When transferring by bank: Payment information such as bank name and account number.

(c) Shipping:  Postal code, shipping address, recipient name, purchase product information.

(d) Refund: Bank name, Account number, Depositor name.

(e) Selection item: past purchase history, etc.

4) How to collect personal information

The company collects personal information in the following ways:

- Through sign-up for membership on the website

- Application for consultation reservation

- Written form (email or letter)

- Consultation Bulletin Board

-Application for the event

- Request for delivery

- Supplied by partner companies

5) Purpose of collection and use of personal information

The company collects personal information for the following purposes.

(a) Member management

Personal information is processed for the purpose of confirming membership intention, personal identification according to membership service provision, prevention of illegal use and unauthorized use of services, confirmation of legal representative's consent when collecting information of children under 14 years of age.

(b) Providing Goods or Services

It processes personal information for the purpose of delivering goods, providing content, providing customized services, sending invoices, personal authentication, financial services, purchasing and settlement of fees, collecting fees, and managing members.

(c) Service development and application to marketing advertising

It processes personal information for the purpose of developing and specializing new services (products), providing services and posting advertisements according to demographic characteristics, identifying access frequency, statistics on members' use of services, and statistics on customized services.

(d) Handling of Civil Complaints

Personal information is processed for the purpose of identifying complainants, checking complaints, contacting and notifying facts, and notifying the results of the processing.

6) Consignment of processing of personal information

In order to improve the service, the company entrusts personal information as follows, and stipulates necessary matters so that personal information can be safely managed during consignment contracts according to related laws and regulations.

(a) The contents of the company's personal information consignment processing agency and consignment business are as follows.

Paper: Payment and Cash Receipt Issued


Logistics business such as delivery of goods, exchange and return collection.

CJKorea Express, Rosen Shipping Co., Ltd., Kyungdong Shipping Co., Ltd., Hanjin Courier, Lotte Courier, Post Office Courier, Thousand-day Courier, Daishin Courier, CVS net Convenience Store, Goodsplow Co., Ltd.

In accordance with Article 25 of the Personal Information Protection Act, the company stipulates matters related to personal information processing, technical and administrative protection measures, re-consignment restrictions, management and supervision of the trustee, and compensation.

If the contents of the entrusted business or the trustee changes, Junno Design LLC (Korea) will disclose it without delay through this personal information processing policy.
Provision and use of personal information to third parties.

The company processes the personal information of the data subject only within the scope specified in section 2, “Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information" and provides personal information to third parties only under Articles 17 and 18 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

7) Period of retention and use of personal information.

The company processes and holds personal information within the period of retention and use of personal information under the law or the period of retention and use of personal information agreed upon when collecting personal information from the data subject.

(a) In principle, the user's personal information shall be destroyed without delay after the purpose of collection and use is achieved. However, if it is necessary to preserve it in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations, the company will retain member information for a certain period of time as prescribed by the relevant laws and regulations as follows.(However, if the consent is obtained individually, it will be retained for the agreed period.)
(b) The processing and retention period of each personal information is as follows:

A) Membership and management of the website: Until withdrawal from the company website

However, in the case of the following reasons, until the end of the relevant reason:

- If an investigation or investigation is underway due to violation of relevant laws and regulations, the investigation or investigation shall be completed by the end of the relevant investigation or investigation.

- If the bond/debt relationship remains due to the use of the website, until the settlement of the bond/debt relationship is completed.

B) Providing goods or services: Until the goods and services are supplied and the fees and settlements are completed.

However, if it falls under the following reasons, until the end of the period,

Time Provisions of the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.

- Contract or withdrawal of subscription, payment, supply records of goods, electronic financial transactions: 5 years

- Record of handling consumer complaints or disputes: 3 years

- Record of display and advertising: 6 months

Storage of communication fact-finding data pursuant to Article 41 of the Communications Secret Protection Act:

- Date and time of subscriber's telecommunication, start, end time, counterpart's subscriber number, frequency of use, location tracking data of the source station: 1 year

- Computer communication, Internet log data, destination tracking data: 3 months

Storage of identification information pursuant to Article 29 of the Enforcement Decree of the Information and Communication Network Utilization Promotion and Information Protection Act: 6 months after the information posting is completed on the bulletin board.

C) Information retention period according to the company's internal policy

- Membership information to prevent frequent re-registration after membership withdrawal on the website: 1 month

- Membership information for withdrawal of membership from the website: 1 month

- Customer information for free experience application (providing new product information and event information, etc.): 1 year

- Purchasing confirmation customer information (providing services such as purchasing product updates, etc.): 5 years

D) Records of illegal use, etc.: 1 year

  1. In case of requests for abuse of rights, prevention of abuse, infringement of rights/defamation disputes, and investigation cooperation, we may keep members' personal information for one year from the termination of the membership contract in case.

E) The retention period of personal information is as follows when you withdraw from membership.

-Grounds for preservation: Disputes over infringement of rights, such as prevention of re-registration of defective users, defamation, etc. and cooperation in investigation

- Preservation period: 1 year after membership withdrawal

(8) Procedures and methods for destroying personal information

In principle, when the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved, the company destroys the personal information without delay.If the period of personal information retention agreed by the data subject has elapsed or the purpose of processing has been achieved, the personal information shall be moved to a separate database or stored in a different place.

If you want to withdraw from the membership, you can withdraw from the site, and you have to carefully consider whether to withdraw by destroying all registered information.In addition, there may be restrictions on re-registration after withdrawal.

The company's personal information destruction procedure and method are as follows.

(a) Destruction procedures

- The company selects personal information on which the reasons for destruction have occurred and destroys the personal information with the approval of the company's personal information protection manager.On the other hand, the company separately stores and manages the personal information of members who have not used the service for one year according to the "Personal Information Validity System."

- If the personal information is kept in accordance with other laws and regulations after the period of retention of personal information agreed by the data subject has elapsed or the purpose of processing has been achieved, the personal information shall be moved to a separate database.

(b) Destruction Method

- Personal information printed on paper shall be destroyed by shredding or incineration.

- Personal information stored in the form of an electronic file will be deleted using a technical method that cannot be restored.

10) Protection of personal information of non-members

The company requests only personal information necessary for delivery, payment, order history inquiry, purchase confirmation, and real name confirmation even when it is a non-member order.This information will be used for payment and delivery purposes and will never be used for any other purposes.

(a) Purpose and item of collection/use of personal information of non-members

1) Buyer's name:  Identification

2) Buyer's mobile phone number, mobile phone number, e-mail (e-mail): Smooth progress of transactions between buyer and seller, confirmation of personal intention, customer consultation, complaint handling, new information and notification, etc.

3) Payment information such as bank account information and credit card information: provision of payment service, etc.

4) Recipient's name, address, mobile phone number: Confirmation of the address and contact number of the product.

5) IP address, date and time of visit: prevention of illegal use, storage of electronic financial transactions

6) Name, address, mobile phone number, e-mail, IP address, recipient information (name, contact, address, email address), credit card number: fraud prevention

- Records of consumer complaints or disputes: 3 years

- Record of contract or withdrawal of subscription: 5 years

- Record of payment and supply of goods: 5 years

Your personal information will be retained and used during the period of service provision, and if the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved, it will be destroyed without delay. However, if it is necessary to store your personal information according to the regulations and internal guidelines of the relevant laws and regulations, you can store your personal information as follows, and in this case, the personal information is used only for storage purposes.

11) Rights, Obligations and Methods of Exercise of Information Subjects
  • Users and legal representatives may inquire or modify the personal information of themselves or their children under the age of 14 at any time. If they do not agree to the processing of personal information, they may refuse consent or request termination (However, in such cases, it may be difficult to use some or all of the services).
  • You can view, correct, or withdraw your personal information by clicking Change Personal Information (or Modify Member Information) to check or modify the personal information of a user or a child under the age of 14, and click withdrawal (withdrawal of consent).
  • If you contact the person in charge of personal information management in writing, by phone or by e-mail, we will take action without delay.
  • If a user requests correction of a personal information error, the personal information will not be used or provided until the correction is completed.In addition, if the wrong personal information is already provided to a third party, the correction result will be notified to the third party without delay so that a correction can be made.

Personal information terminated or deleted at the request of a user or legal representative shall be processed as specified in section 5. “Period of retention and use of personal information” and shall not be viewed or used for any other purpose.

The information subject shall not infringe on the personal information and privacy of the person or other person handled by the company in violation of related laws such as the Personal Information Protection Act.

12) Matters concerning the installation/operation and rejection of automatic personal information collection devices.

Cookies. What is a cookie? 

Cookies are stored on the user's computer as a small data file sent from the HTTP server to the user's browser. The company will use these cookies to determine the users' browser format and service usage forms, and will use these cookies to provide useful and more convenient customized services to members.

(a) Purpose of Company Cookie Use

- Analysis of frequency of connection between members and non-members and visiting hours.

- Identify user preferences and areas of interest.

- Identify the number of visits and use, popular search terms, user size, etc. to provide more convenient services and optimized information to users.

(b) Installation/Operation/Rejection

- Cookies must be allowed in order for users to log in (LOG-IN) and use membership services and various services after accessing

- Users have the option to install cookies.Therefore, users can allow all cookies by setting options in their web browser, go through verification whenever cookies are saved, or refuse to save all cookies.

However, if you refuse to save cookies, some of the company services that require login may be difficult to use.

-How to specify whether to allow cookies to be installed (for Internet Explorer) is as follows:

1) Select Internet Options from the Tools menu.

2) Click the Personal Information tab.

3) It can be adjusted in Settings.

13) Technical and administrative protection of personal information

While processing users personal information, the company is taking the following technical and administrative measures to ensure safety so that personal information is not lost, stolen, leaked, altered or damaged.

  1. Encryption of passwords

The password of the Company’s member ID is encrypted, stored and managed, so only you know it, and you can verify and change your personal information only by yourself or by someone who knows the password.

  1. Countermeasures against hacking, etc.

The company is doing its best to prevent members' personal information from being leaked or damaged by hacking or viruses. In preparation for personal information damage, data is frequently backed up, and the latest anti-virus program is used to prevent leakage or damage of users' personal information or data, and to safely transmit personal information on the network through encrypted communication.

We also use intrusion prevention systems to control unauthorized access from outside, and strive to provide all possible technical devices to ensure security in other systems.

  1. Minimization and training of processing staff

The company's personal information processing staff is limited to those in charge and emphasizes compliance with the company's personal information processing policy through regular training for those in charge.

  1. Designation of Personal Information Officer

We designate an in-house personal information officer to check the implementation of the company’s personal information processing policy and compliance with the person in charge, and if a problem is found, we try to correct it immediately.

However, the company is not responsible for any problems caused by the leakage of personal information such as ID and password due to carelessness or other internet problems.

Personal Information Management Officer and Contact Person

In order to protect members' personal information and handle complaints related to personal information, the company has a personal information management manager. If you have any questions regarding personal information, please contact the following contact information.

Person in charge of personal information management

Personal information management of personal information

Name: Chee Junn Liang

Name: Park JaeHong

Position : Representative

Position: Sales Manager



Phone number: 010-5697-3805

Phone number: 010-5697-3805

14) Collecting opinions on personal information and handling complaints

The company values the opinions of the data subject and the data subject has the right to always receive sincere answers to questions.

[Customer Center]


Phone number: 010-5697-3805

Address: Room 501, 35-1, Cheonjung-ro 40-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul

If you need any other reports or consultations regarding personal information infringement, please contact the following organizations:

- Personal Information Infringement Reporting Center:


- Supreme Prosecutors' Office Cybercrime Investigation Team:

1301 /

- National Police Agency Cyber Security Bureau: 182/

- Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee: 1833-6972 /

15) Obligations for Notification

If the current personal information processing policy is added, deleted, or revised, it will be notified through the "Notice" on the website at least 7 days before the revision. However, if there is an important change in user rights, such as collecting and utilizing personal information or providing it to a third party, it will be notified at least 30 days in advance.

Changes in Personal Information Processing Policy

The current personal information processing policy will take effect from February 15, 2022.

You can find the link to the previous privacy policy (if any) below.


- Date of announcement: 2022-02-15

- Effective Date: 2022-02-15