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wood food wax and oil applicator with antibacterial sponge


○ The antibacterial sponge treated with special silver ion (AG+) prevents the formation of bacteria.

○ Made in Japan. This high quality applicator can be used for both oil and wax aplication.

○ Used to apply oils and waxes to butcher's blocks, chopping boards, salad bowls, table tops, wooden toys, flooring, wall panels and other unvarnished wooden surfaces.

○ Convenient storage cover on handle made of solid beech wood to keep the sponge clean for future use.

○ Highly rated and popular  in the United States

○ Wax is applied directly to the board instead of using a cloth. This keeps your hands clean and the wax or oil is applied neatly and evenly.

○ The applicator uses less oil and wax compared to a cloth.

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Did You Know

Wood FoodIs
No chemical additives
The scent of 7 natural essential oils
You can see it.

premium essential fragrance
Hinoki, Yuzu, Aomori Hiva

Basic Essential Fragrance
Neutral, Coconut, Blood Orange, Peppermint

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